Shannon Perkins has been entertaining horse show enthusiasts for over 30 years. After having grown up in Kentucky in the horse show business with a great love for horses, in 1990, Shannon entered the show ring not at the reins for once, but at the keyboard and has continued to leave a mark on the horse show industry with toe-tapping tunes in time with the style, beauty, and grace of all the horse show breeds; American Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walking, Morgan, Roadster and Arabian horses to name a few.

The tradition of organ music at horse shows dates back many years and Shannon not only continues that tradition, but sets a new standard to ensure horse show fans are entertained and the horse’s gait is enhanced by the matched beat of the nostalgic sounds of the organ with full band accompaniments.

Shannon has entertained at many of the premier horse events around the country with an unmistakable sound. Whether tempos matched to the beat of the horse, current hits, country classics, soothing ballads, unforgettable standards and show tunes, or just the perfect song to wake the crowd, Shannon knows the “right song, at the right time” to make your event “the event”. Whether a horse show or an event needing a “one man band”, Shannon will help set the mood!

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